• Good afternoon Parents:                                                                                                                                                                         04/27/2020


    As you are aware, Dr. McBreen recently sent out a one-call message and a letter informing you of the planned instruction that is scheduled to begin on Monday April 27. With that being said, I plan to have work available for your child to complete. Each week your child will be given a variety of assignments, from reading a story to reviewing past material.

    Requirements: I will require two assignments in ELA (English Language Arts) and Math to be turned in each week. Right now, my plan is to do one reading assignment and one English assignment for the ELA component, and two math assignments. By no means is this anywhere close to the amount of work they would be completing if they were in school, but it is something new that they have not learned. I would like to focus on one new skill each week, but it may be longer depending on how your child is doing with the material. We are going at your child’s pace. (This is subject to change based on the needs of each individual child. Plesase keep an eye on your email and your Class dojo messages)

    Each parent will receive their own individualized message with their child’s work. This message will be sent via Class dojo and email. If you do not receive this message, please let me know immediately so can be sure you are receiving your child’s work.

    I will have office hours available daily. Please feel free to contact me via email or class dojo and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Zoom Meetings:

     I plan to do two zoom meetings a week.

    Mondays for Academics at 1p.m. I can do more if needed based (Parents let me know if your child needs more interventions)

    Thursdays to allow the students to talk with one another like we have been doing weekly also at 1.pm.

    Weekly events will also be created on class dojo for the zoom meetings. Again one for Educational purposes and one to allow the students to talk with each other. (I will be there to monitor the session)

    Work can be submitted via email or classdojo. If you would like to take a picture of your child’s work, send that to me via email or dojo that is fine also.
    Again, I know these are uncharted waters we will get through this.
    There are 5 more weeks of school left, WE CAN GET THROUGH THIS!!!!

    As always, I am available via email and class dojo. I can also log on and create zoom classes to work with students individually if needed.

    This is new to all of us please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.


    Mrs. Wank