Mrs. Christina Hoptak

Phone: 570-544-1400


Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Christina Hoptak

Background Information:

  • Attended Minersville Schools
  • Graduated from West Virginia University – pursued 1st career in business
  • Later, started as an Instructional Aide (Kindergarten & Computers) at Minersville
  • Level I Certification – Elementary Education – 2002 - Alvernia
  • Level II Certification – 2009
  • Master of Education Degree – 2010 - Alvernia
  • Lead Blended Schools Initiative at Elementary Center in 2009
  • In 17th year as a teacher at Minersville
  • Married with 2 children
  • Goals and Objectives:

    • To make your child’s third grade learning experience a positive one
    • To help your child reach his/her greatest potential
    • To instill in your child the importance of education for now and the future
    • To produce a well-rounded student with respect to both academics and social-emotional development
    • To help your child become proficient in the PA Core Standards prescribed by the state of Pennsylvania