Mrs. Atkinson's Class

Announcement: School Closure

  • March 26, 2020

    Hello Parents,
    I hope all of your families are staying safe and healthy at home. I just wanted to keep parents posted on the school district's decisions regarding continuity of education.

    Beginning on Monday, March 30th I will be posting daily enrichment and review activities. You will find those activities in the class DOJO app and also on this website.

    Please note the following:
    -No new skills will be addressed
    -It is OPTIONAL for students to participate
    -No material during this time will be graded
    -Attendance for students will not be taken

    Please check back on Monday for some review activities. Those activities will be listed on this website under "Daily Review" tab.  Please continue to stay healthy.

    Mrs. Atkinson



    March 17, 2020

    Dear Parents,

    As we are now facing the school closing due to the Covid-19 virus concerns, most parents are facing concerns regarding school and learning requirements.  I will not be assigning work for completion during our closure.  I will however, be providing links for educational websites, that you may have your child use for review in order to maintain skills.

    While school was still in session, I know many of my students were very anxious about the Covid-19 virus.  I am providing a link below, which has some information regarding talking to our children about the virus.


    Scholastic is providing "Day-by-Day projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing".  Parents can create a free account by clicking on the families link.  You may click a subject area and then choose a grade level.  If you have any questions about which grade level would be most appropriate for your child's individual learning level, please email me at


    Another free website with excellent printable resources, as well as, online activities is:

    For printables, click the "Parent-Teacher Center" link on the main page.


    Something of interest regarding internet access:  On Monday, 3/16/2020 the U.S. News website posted information regarding Comcast internet services.  A direct quote from the article, linked below states:

    "Comcast announced that it will increase its bandwidth speeds for all customers beginning Monday and provide 60 days of free internet services to new families — though some terms and conditions may prevent people from accessing the free internet offer."


    Above all else, the main priority is for the health, safety, and well-being of your family.  Please take care and contact me with any questions or concerns.  A link is also provided for the most current CDC Guidelines in how best to protect your family during this time.