• Homework:

    No Homework!!! Have a great weekend! 



    Spelling Test- Friday, September 13th on the 15 Unit 1 Week 2 words

    Reading Test - Friday, September 13th

    Grammar Test-Friday, September 13th on Commands and Exclamations


Mrs.  Jaclyn Purcell

Phone: 570-544-1400


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's of Elementary Education Master's in Curriculum and Education

Mrs. Jaclyn Purcell

Welcome to 2A!!!

   My name is Mrs. Jaclyn Purcell and this is my 20th year teaching in the Minersville Area School District. I received my Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from Penn State. I also received my Master's degree in Curriculum and Education from Penn State. I am looking forward to having an amazing year in second grade! Please feel free to contact me with any questions and/or concerns throughout the year.


  • Reading Stories: 

    Genre: Realistic Fiction and Fiction

    1. Little Book: Maria Celebrates Brazil

    2. Big Book:Big Red Lollipop


    Grammar Skills: Commands and Exclamations



    Vocabulary Words:

    1. aside- on or to one side

    2. culture- the way of life for a group of people

    3. fair- equal and just for all sides

    4 .invited- asked to come

    5. language- the speech of a group of people

    6. plead- to make a request

    7. scurries- moves quickly

    8. share- to divide and give to others


    Spelling Words:

    1. went

    2. tell

    3. pet

    4. job

    5. fog

    6. not

    7. tug

    8. hut

    9. tub

    10. bun

    11. fix

    12. has

    13. one

    14. or

    15. see