• Congratulations seniors! I'm going to miss you(and of course the rest of my students)!

    Scroll down to the next section for assignments.

    Mr. Colna     Business Education: Careers, Computer Applications, Microsoft Office, Yes Program, Business Math, Digital Citizenship, etc.

    Expectations.  I want all of my students: to learn, to be respectful of their fellow classmates and the teacher, and to have a little fun while doing so.

    In my classroom, I want an atmosphere where NO child is bullied, all are treated fairly, and we have a great atmosphere for learning.

    Please check out the updates about the recent closures due to the Covid-19 virus. 

    To get new assignments and enrichment: please go to assignments, choose all categories, and select the date.

    Please look for assignments and enrichment coming every week!

    Take care, be safe, and I miss you guys and gals! See you soon.

    Here are some no-cost eBooks and audiobooks.


    Please try to look over each week's lesson plans. I will have review and enrichment material as well as some new concepts. Please try to look over the weekly assignments and try to complete them. You can email the completed work as well as any thoughts, opinions, or questions that you may have. I realize that many students may not have access to all of the technology, wifi, or software(Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc) to complete all of the assignments. Just try to do your best.


    Check out Discovery Learning; what a great tool for Interactive Learning about: science, social studies, and math! Check it out link below.


    Here is another good read for stressful times.

    Wellness tips for stress

    Here is a good link about online learning and cyberbullying.

    Online learning and cyberbullying

    Here is a good link if you are feeling down with this pandemic.

    Helping students cope



    Please email me if you have any questions: Tcolna@battlinminers.com.



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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

  • Freshman Transitions are doing cover letters now,  then will be moving on to  resumes next.

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  • Business Math will be covering Overtime, Long Division, Timecards, and Budgeting/Personal Finance in the upcoming weeks.

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  • Freshman Transition will be covering Soft Skills, and Cover Letters in the next two weeks

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  • We will be covering cash receipts and overtime as well as adding and subtracting fractions.

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  • Grades are now in, and will be updated AT LEAST once per week!

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  • Get ready for the new school year. Get ready to learn and have some fun too!

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  • Welcome

    Posted by Timothy Colna on 8/22/2019 2:00:00 PM
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