• Mr. Colna     Business Education: Careers, Computer Applications, Microsoft Office, Yes Program, Business Math, Digital Citizenship, etc.

    Expectations.  I want all of my students: to learn, to be respectful of their fellow classmates and the teacher, and to have a little fun while doing so.

    In my classroom, I want an atmosphere where NO child is bullied, all are treated fairly, and we have a great atmosphere for learning.

    Please check out the updates about the recent closures due to the Covid-19 virus. 

    To get new assignments and enrichment: please go to assignments, choose all categories, and select the date.

    Please look for assignments and enrichment coming every week!

    Take care, be safe, and I miss you guys and gals! See you soon.

    Please email me if you have any questions: Tcolna@battlinminers.com.



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Current Assignments

Past Due Assignments

  • Freshman Transitions are doing cover letters now,  then will be moving on to  resumes next

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  • Business Math will be covering Overtime, Long Division, Timecards, and Budgeting/Personal Finance in the upcoming weeks.

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  • Freshman Transition will be covering Soft Skills, and Cover Letters in the next two weeks

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  • We will be covering cash receipts and overtime from Sept 11 until Sept 20th, as well as adding and subtracting fractions.

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  • Grades are now in, and will be updated AT LEAST once per week!

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  • Get ready for the new school year. Get ready to learn and have some fun too!

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  • Welcome

    Posted by Timothy Colna on 8/22/2019 2:00:00 PM
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