Phone: 570 544 1400


Degrees and Certifications:

BS Secondary Education: Biology General Science Physics

Mr. Brian Wolff

Current Teaching Assignments:

     App. Anatomy with Ms. Williams

     Astronomy with Mrs. Schaeffer

     Environmental Science with Ms. Williams

     CP Physics

** For all scheduled assignments, tests, quizes, etc. please use the district's online grade book.

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Assistant Activities Director:

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  • First off, I would like to welcome both students and parents to Mr. Wolff's Science classes.  I hope you will enjoy my classes, but more importantly, I expect you to participate and learn while in the class.  Below are a few expectations I have while in my class.

    1. Students are expected to bring all needed materials to class, everyday.
    2. Students are expected to sit in their assigned seats, upon entering class.
    3. Students are expected to be respectful of all classmates, teachers, administrators, and guests.
    4. Students are expected to be quiet and listen when someone is talking. 
      • This includes teachers, other students, announcements, etc.
      • Everyone will have a chance to share their thoughts and ideas, be patient, your turn will come.
    5. Students are expected to take the notes they need and pay attention during class.
    6. Students are not permitted to leave class without permission.  There is three (3) minutes between classes to go to your locker, the bathroom, etc.
    7. NO student will commit any acts of vandalism, throw any objects, or engage in horseplay within the classroom.
    8. If given "free" time, students are expected to work on class assignments, other school work, or stay quiet and seated.
    9. At the end of class, students are expected to stay in their seats until dismissed... only cattle and sheep line up (and they're going to slaughter)
    10. Students will be evaluated in many different ways (both formally & informally)
    11. Students are expected to take tests, quizzes, do homework and written activities in pencil or using blue or black ink.
    12. Any work missed due to absence is expected to be made up in a timely manner.
      • Students are responsible to make up any missed assignments, tests, quizzes, etc.
      • Any assignment, test, quiz, etc. that is not made up in a timely manner will be scored as MISSING 0 (0 points)
    13. Evaluation Expectations:
      • Students will take quizzes, testes, witting exercises in pencil or using blue or black ink.
      • Each student is expected to try their best and do their own work. (Cheating will result in no credit for the assignment)
      • Each student is expected to remain quiet upon completion of all tests and quizzes
    14. Grading Policy: All grades are based on a combination of homeworks, tests, quizzes, labs, projects, participation and discussion.
      • All scores will be expressed as fractions, which will be totaled and converted into a percentage.
      • The total points earned, not the percentages, will be used to determine the final percentage for each marking period.
      • All grades will be reported and available on the district website.