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  •  About Schuylkill ACHIEVE:

    • The Schuylkill ACHIEVE Program includes a variety of activities and learning experiences that are designed to support positive student outcomes both in and out of school. Some of our activities include homework assistance and tutoring, STEAM Exploration (Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Math), Character Education & Incentives and more.
    • The Schuylkill ACHIEVE Program is offered, at no cost to participants, Monday through Thursday during the school year for a total of 36-weeks. The program offers periodic special events and field trips on Saturdays.  Schuylkill ACHIEVE also offers free summer camps that continue to provide enrichment in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM), Reading, Health, Creative Expression, and Character Development.  Registration information for these camps becomes available in the spring of the year.


    To support today’s families through quality education and enriching activities for students in Schuylkill County.


    • To help children feel safe and secure in a positive environment while participating in educational, cultural and recreational programs.
    • To enhance their feelings of self-esteem through their work.
    • To help children learn socially acceptable ways of expressing their feelings.
    • To help children become aware of themselves, their bodies and their emotions.
    • To help children learn to take responsibility for their personal care and safety.
    • To help children develop a great awareness and understanding of the world around them.


    • Provide students and parents with a safe after school environment for children with an emphasis on learning and recreation.
    • Improve the social, academic and emotional competencies of school-age children.
    • Reduce negative behaviors such as crime, violence, and bullying.