• 5/11/2020 - Hi all!  I hope that you are completing your work for all of your courses.  Should you need any help with anything, please reach out to me!  I would be glad to help you out.  Hopefully, you have taken the opportunity as posted last week to start to create your personal resume.  Again, I am here to help you with the creatiion of or editing and review of your resume.  For this week, I am attaching a list of local businesses through the YES Program that are offering virtual tours of their facilities during this "shutdown" period.  Please feel free to view as many as you like!  Stay well!  

    Local Business Virtual Tour(s)

    5/4/2020 - Hi Guys!  I hope you are doing well! I am adding some information that is NOT REQUIRED but I will be more than happy to review for you so you have it moving forward. This format is not ideal however, in class we were going to be creating your personal resume.  I am posting some references here for your to refer to and use as you see fit.  You may also use internet resources to create your resume.  In addition, the items you listed on your Activities List (that we completed together) can become part of your resume.  Please feel free to send me a copy of your resume via email at aschaeffer@battlinminers.com and I will comment on it as if we were in class!  Next week I will be posting information and resources for a cover letter to go along with the resume.  Best of luck!!

    Sample Word Document of Resume:  Sample for formatting Reference

    Link to site for additional information and samples of a high school resume: https://www.thebalancecareers.com/high-school-resume-examples-and-writing-tips-2063554 


    4/21/2020 5/1/2020 - HELLO AGAIN!!! Please review the Communication PowerPoint I am attaching for your review.  Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns! Continue to stay safe and healthy.

    Communication PowerPoint


    4/14/2020 - Hi all! I am hopeful that you are all staying healthy with all the major changes that are happening to all of us.  Since we will now not be returning to school this semester, I will continue to update my website weekly to include the review and enrichment of topics we have already discussed.  Please feel free to contact me with a quick "hello" or with any questions you may have about school!  Take care of yourselves and make good choices!!!!  I miss you all!

    Bias in the Workplace

    4/6/2020 - Hello again! I hope you are all staying safe and healthy!  As we embark on week 4, I offer you the following to review/refresh yourself with some of the employability skills we have discussed so far! Please reach out to me JUST TO SAY HELLO! I really miss all of you and being on a schedule! Stay safe and please take care of yourselves and your family!

    Job Application(s)

    Activity List (Remember this list was to include all of your activities since entering 9th grade!)


    3/31/2020 - Well guys - another change for us.  Moving forward I will be adding review materials to this section of my website.  Feel free to review the powerpoints and documents as you see fit!  Please stay healthy and do not ever hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions about my posts or your other teachers' posts!  Make good choices!

    Customer Service



    3/24/2020 - I have added the next topic we would be doing if together.  Please take a few minutes and review the powerpoints.  Some may be common sense, while other information may not.

    I am hoping that we can get back together in the near future.  As soon as we get back, we will be discussing your demonstrative speeches!!! Yay, I know!  You can begin to think about what it is you would like to do your speech about.  Remember it should be 5 minutes and must teach us something or demonstratae to us how to do something.  I will be posting the requirements about the speech next week in case you are REALLY bored and want to work on this while we are apart!  Again, stay safe & healthy and make good choices!


    Teamwork #2


    3/16/2020 - While we are out, take a look at the attached powerpoint and basic interview questions.  When I see you again, we will continue to work through creating your resume and cover letter.  Following that, we will be working through the interview process and having both your mock interview (with staff) and then the formal interviews with outside agencies.  Be safe and stay healthy!

    Interview Questions

    Resume Tips