• Life Skills Club/Peer Buddy Program

    Posted by Megan Siminitus on 9/17/2019

    My classroom is a really amazing place to be. I truly believe this with every fiber of my being. Myself and the other life skills teacher wanted to bring students to our classroom. Specifically, we wanted to bring not just our students but all students. We wanted to give students a place where everyone is welcome and everyone gets a good experience out of joining our club.

    This is how we invited life skills club. Anyone in the school can join. They are welcome to  become peer buddies, and get to know our students. We focus on friendship and fun activites. Students are welcome in our classroom anytime to help with our functional academic, social, and life skills tasks.They are welcome to come cook, run coffee business, help with soup sales and candy shop with us. They come with us on CBI's, and end up being good friends with our students who often find it tough to make a meaningful friends. 






    <3 - Miss Siminitus 

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