Instruction during our days off


    6 PM!!


    HERE WE GO!  Remember everyday I am going to post something for you to do.  If it entails answering questions, please put them all on 1 WORD DOCUMENT then email it to me as an attachment.  In the file section of this page you will find an example of how you could set up your answers.  I have also uploaded the diagrams for this Chapter to further assist you. 


    Remember check my website DAILY.  Submit all your answers to me on Fridays by 8:00 pm.  I will be emailing you back to confirm I received it.  You want to make sure you hand in every assignment because I will be keeping track and giving you feedback.  Also please try your hardest to submit the correct answers.  If I see bizzare answers you will not get credit forthat assignment.  These assignments are no way near as difficult what we did in class so it should not be hard for you.  



    MONDAY 4/27/20 

    Just open up the document and go to work!!

     Monday's 4/27/20 assignment

      TUESDAY 4/28/20

    Open up Tuesday's document and have at it!

    Tuesday's 4/28/20 Assignment


    WEDNESDAY 4/29/20

    Open it up and get to work!

    Wednesday's Assignment


     THURSDAY 4-30-20

    Here it is!

    Thursday's Assignment


    FRIDAY 5-1-20 -

    For some reason the wrong document keeps uploading so here is a picture of the assignment.  I apologize for the quality but I have no idea why the wrong document keeps uploading...

    Friday's Assignment




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