Important Information

  • Open House September 5th from 7:30-8:45!


    Picture day is Monday, October 7th!


    Pennsylvania Youth Survey Permission Letter


    Parent/Teacher Conferences are Wednesday, 11/6 beginning at 1:30 pm. Therefore that day there will be an early dismissal beginning at 1:15 pm. 


    Wednesday, 11/27 will be an early dismissal. Students will be getting dismissed at the same time as an Act 80 Day. 


    On Thursday, 2/13, students will be beginning to dicusss the 2020 6th grade Science Fair, and will be receiving their first information paper about it. Over the next few months, students will be periodically receiving additional information about the Science Fair requirements and procedures. Please ask your student for any Science Fair information papers so you are up to date and aware of the expectations of your student for this project. 


    Today, Monday, February 24th, students will be receiving a paper with the 2020 Science Fair due dates. The paper must be signed and returned by parents/guardians by Friday, February 28th. 


    Science Fair topics are due Friday, March 13th. 


    Class Dojo Information:

    - If you are interested in signing up for Class Dojo, please go to the following link to find directions and information:


    Science Fair Update:

    The 2020 Science Fair will not be virtual. The Virtual Science Fair will take place over the weekend of May 15th. All Virtual Science Fair videos/recordings must be emailed to Miss Kelly by Friday, May 15th at 3 p.m. The projects will be judged over the weekend, and the results will be shared on Monday, May 18th. The Virtual Science Fair questions will be sent to all participating students by Friday, May 8th to give students time to prepare their answers. If your student wants to participate in the Virtual Science Fair, please email or Dojo message Miss Kelly by Friday, May 1st.