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       Skills practiced in school every day for you to practice at home too!

        –Calendar - today's date and number counting (every day in the school year so far)

        –Weather - check out the weather for the day and talk about what is seen, felt and heard

        –Letters - letter recognition/sound/sign language letters

        –Read!!! - read a new story every day, discuss the parts of the book and the happenings of the story

        –Write! -  write about the topic of the day

        –Math - practice counting, shapes, putting and taking apart groups, number recognition

  • Packets were sent home with my KD kiddos on Friday, March 13 with review activities for March 17 to April 3. Use these pactkets during the week to review what we learned in class.


    Click on the link below to view Mrs. LaScala showing each day's Big Blue Book lesson!


    The days go on order Day 1 to Day 5 - Monday to Friday.

    March 30- April 3 is Week 30.

    March 23-27 is Week 29

    March 16-20 is Week 28


    Read a book to your child or go to Story Online or YouTube and have them retell it to you.

    • Ask them Comprehension Questions
      • What was the "Big" idea from the story?
      • Who were the Characters?
      • What were the settings?
      • What was the problem in the story?
      • How did they solve the problem?
      • What happened in the beginning, middle and end?
      • Is the story real or make believe?  How do you know?
      • What was your favorite part?  Why?
      • Retell the story in your own words or act it out.
    • Comprehension Passage Printables
    • CVC Fluency Worksheets