• Starting June 1st, CommonLit will be running a Summer Reading Challenge to help children and families combat summer learning losses.

    The challenge officially starts next week, but parents and guardians can sign up ahead of time by following the instructions in this blog post. It's free, and can really help students get a leg up on next year!

    CommonLit Summer Challenge link

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  • Please note that weekly assgingment deadlines will now be extended to Sundays, rather than Fridays, as initially set. Assignments have been updated with May 3rd due dates for this week.

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  • I noticed some students are forgetting to put their names next to their Teams Notebook responses... please check that you have put your name next to your response so I can give credit where it is due!

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  • If you are experiencing difficulties getting into Microsoft Teams, Mr. Hoptak suggests the following:

    Make you can log into office 365/email account to prove your email password is active.  Also, anything with Apple, you would have to download the app.  If your password is expired, Mr. Hoptak will reset it and send it to you.

    If all else fails, I will still be posting the assignments on my website and you can email me the responses that were to be posted in Teams Notebook.

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  • To access the Notebook section of Teams to type your Independent Reading assignments, use the link next to YOUR class period.

    ELA 8 Period 1 Teams Notebook

    ELA 8 Period 5 Teams Notebook Link

    ELA 8 Period 6 Teams Notebook

    ELA 8 Period 8 Teams Notebook



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  • Join Teams by clicking on the link next to your class period. There, you will post weekly assisnments related to your independent reading. 


    ELA 8 Period 1 Teams link

    ELA 8 Period 5 Teams link

    ELA 8 Period 6 Teams Link

    ELA 8 Period 8 Teams Link

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  • Go to Vocabulary.com and sign up using YOUR class code:

    ELA 8 Period 1: Period 1 sign up code

    ELA 8 Period 5: Period 5 sign up code

    ELA 8 Period 6: Period 6 sign up code

    ELA 8 Period 8: Period 8 sign up code

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  • Go to Common Lit website and create an account. Enter the class code next to YOUR class period. 

    ELA 8 1st period: EVDBEN

    ELA 8 5th period: 9Q8BWZ

    ELA 8 6th period: QQE959

    ELA 8 8th period: KZP9YY

    I will be assigning daily practice assignments for you to read. You'll be prompted to answer questions as you read and take a multiple choice assessment so you can see how you score. These will NOT affect your grade, but will be great practice working with nonfiction articles, short stories, and poems while school is shut down.


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  • Audible is currently offering free access to their student library. If you are looking for new reading material, or would enjoy listening to a story for a change, take advantage of this opportunity!


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    • Continue to read your indendent reading book and keep your reading log. As you read, analyze your book on the following:  parts of a plot, characterization (are the characters static or dynamic? flat or round?), figurative language, and grammar usage.
    • Choose a quote from your book and identify the parts of speech. Revise the sentence. Make up your own.
    • review poetry terms
    • review Tuesday Teachings notes on parts of speech and grammar applications
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Current Assignments

Past Due Assignments

  • Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) is an excellent source for MLA formatting information as well as APA, Chicago Style, and general writing tips:

    Purdue OWL


    AP Central is the CollegeBoard site for all things AP.


     Calculate your projected AP Language test score: AP test calculator



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