• FUN FRIDAY LESSON for 3-27-20:

    Here's a Fun Friday Lesson! Let's take a break from our regular work! Today I’d like you to read the article in this link, Cats or Dogs Article
    Then, compare and contrast cats and dogs important features (similarities and differences) using the Venn Diagram file on here or on Class Dojo Class Story! :) Last, I'd like you to practice the journal feature on your student portfolio on here to write a paragraph about which animal is your favorite and explain 3 reasons why! 🐶😺 I can’t wait to read your Venn Diagrams and paragraphs! PS. If you can’t print out the Venn Diagram, that’s ok, you can draw one on a piece of paper and post a picture of it to your Class Dojo portfolio! :)

    Venn Diagram


    *Work for Week of 3-23-20 to 3-27-20:

    I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time of uncertainty. I understand that some students may require more time than others to complete the assignments from last week (3-16-20). Please have your child COMPLETE any unfinished review assignments from last week. 

    In the event that your child has finished that work and you need more assignments, they can complete the following review activities for this week

    (3-23-20 to 3-27-20):

    Math: Please continue to review basic 3rd grade math facts (addition & subtraction of 3 digit numbers with re-grouping/borrowing, practice rounding numbers to the nearest tens and hundreds place, review place value and rounding rules worksheet from last week, basic multiplication and division facts--this review and practice can be done through flash cards, asking your child to write their facts out on a piece of paper, Moby Max assignments, free online math games like stmath.com--free until June 30th, or Prodigy assignments I've given. 

    Reading & Spelling: Encourage your child to continue reading a chapter book of their choice. A few pages/a chapter a day, finish Units 1 & 2 of the Interactive Word Text Workbook. Review past vocabulary words and spelling words from these units as you read. 

    Writing: Please have your child use the RACES method to answer each daily writing prompt: Restate the Question, Answer the question,Cite text evidence to support your answer, Explain your opinion/feelings regarding the text evidence, and Summarize and conclude your paragraph/writing.

    Monday: Write about something that is valuable to you. Tell what it is and why it is so important to you.

    Tuesday: Write about something that is valuable to someone you know. Explain reasons why it is valuable to them.

    Wednesday: Write a story about a real animal. Explain your animal at a real life event.

    Thursday: Write a fun story about a stuffed animal that can talk. Explain how your stuffed animal 

    Friday Free Write: Write a story about anything you want to write about! Express your feelings about the current situation with school closed, what you've been doing over the break, something fun you've done with your family, etc. 

    Some educational websites to check out while school is closed:








    As always, if you need any help, have questions, or want more educational resources, please contact me via my school email address or message me on Class DoJo. Thank you and stay safe everyone!



    Due to the closure of Minersville Area School District, students will find review materials needed in order obtain their acquired skills listed below. Please practice these skills daily.

    It is important that during this time students are routinely practicing these skills in order to make for a smooth transition when the school reopens. 

    Even using flashcards or two dice to practice basic multiplication facts or reading a chapter book of their choosing and asking them simple comprehension questions will be helpful in obtaining their skills during this time off.

    The below material is encouraged to be reviewed during the time of March 16th - March 30th.

    Please download the Class Dojo App to your phone or tablet if you are able to, in order to get important updates over the break! 

    If you need assistance from me or have questions, please send me a message via Class Dojo or my school email at pdenchy@battlinminers.com and I will respond to you as soon as possible. Please stay safe and healthy during this break!!! Thank you!



    - Complete Unit 8: pages 441-452 in Vol. 2 math book.

    - Complete Unit 8 Review: Sets A, C, D, E, G, and H pg. 460-464 in Vol. 2 book.

    These are re-teaching problems and will tremendously help your child keep these skills fresh in their mind until we return to school.

    - Practice Test: pages 465-468 in Vol. 2 math book. 

    -Review the Rounding Rules Worksheet daily with your child

    - Continue working on completing Moby Max assignments. 

    Students can access from home if available. 

    - Continue reviewing material on Prodigy-Assignments 4-8.

    Students can access from home if available.  



    - Continue reviewing Unit 6 Week 1 Spelling and Vocab words.

    -Do Practice Worksheet Packet- pgs. 151-155

    -Do Reading Vocab. Practice Packet-

    Pg. 251-258, for pg. 252, the students can complete the graphic organizer for the story, “Athena and Arachne” starting on pg. 356 in their Interactive Word-Text (they have this book at home).


    Reading/Language Arts:

    -Complete Vocabulary Match worksheet for U6W1 and Spelling Wordsearch on the back

    -Complete Vocab. Crossword Puzzle for U6W1

    - Practice Grammar Worksheets- Do pgs. 126-130

    -Complete additional review worksheets on Adjectives-

     pgs. 37-39

    Grammar Skill: Adjectives

    -Complete and Review ALL Unit 1 pages (with the exception of the last page in each week that involves a small reader book) in the Interactive Word-text Workbook.