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    Course Overview
    Trigonometry/Precalculus is a course that focuses on the study of triangles, the relations between their sides, and the relations between their angles. The Greek astronomer Hipparchus is usually thought of as the first person to deeply study the trigonometric properties of angles. Additionally, the course also focuses on upper level algebra topics generally concerning the study of functions and their properties. Some interesting topics covered in the course include radian measure, circular functions, trigonometric identities, and polar equations.
    Course Syllabus & Curriculum Map
    Upcoming Assignments/Assessments
    Please reference masd.blackboard.com for upcoming assignments and assessments. Remember we are using the Trig/Precalc - Mr. Reed course, and that each period and group (blue/white) has their own individual Daily Game Plan document under the course content tab. Check this daily! Reminder: IGNORE the 7/1/2021 due date listed on Blackboard. All assignments must be submitted by 7:00 am the school day after they are assigned. Do not use the course calendar feature - your assignments will not show up on that!
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