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Mrs. Angie Schaeffer

Welcome! This is my 14th year of teaching at Minersville Area School District.  I am currently the 11th grade learning support teacher.  In addition, I teach the Y.E.S. - A class for Juniors.

While we are out - please be sure to check your course teacher's website for suggested review of that subject! In addition, I am posting review review topics for my Y.E.S. classes.  Please do not hesitate to email me with ANY questions or concerns you may have this difficult time!  Miss you all - stay healthy!

Below is my schedule:  

    Pd 1 - Applied Algebra II with Miss Rittle (

    Pd 2 - Applied English 11 with Mrs. Howells (

    Pd 3 - Applied Principles of Democracy (POD) with Mr. Yagielniskie (

    Pd 4 - YES 

    Pd 5 - YES

    Pd 6 - Lunch

    Pd 7 - Applied English 11 with Mirs. Howells (

    Pd 8 - Prep

Helpful Websites:



     >search "Khowells41"

     > select "11th Grade Vocabulary"

        OR "Monster"