• Career and Counseling Center: 
    The Career Center is a great resource area for students. Career, college, military, financial aid, scholarship and SAT/ACT information is available.  To use the Career Center during study period, students must sign up and get a pass in the Career Center the day before. If you sign up to use the Career Center, you should report to your homeroom and stay there until the bell rings to report to study period. Then give your homeroom teacher your pass and report to the Career Center by 8:04am. You must remain in the Career Center for the entire study period. If you do not come to the Career Center when you have signed up, you will be reported to the office as a class cut. While using the Career Center you should be engaging in College, Career, Financial Aid and Scholarship activities. You may sign-up to use a laptop computer to complete these activities.  Laptops may not be used for e-mail, playing games or visiting non-school related websites.

    Community Service:
    All students must have 20 hours of community service to graduate from Minersville Area High School.  These hours must be completed voluntarily, without compensation and at a time beyond the normal school hours. Community Service must be completed for a NON-PROFIT agency (SPCA, Red Cross, Library, school, etc) and not for an individual person or a for-profit company.  The Community Service Form must be signed by official in charge of the community service activity, and returned to Mrs. Hashin in the Career Center.

    Student Assistance Program:
    The Minersville Area High School Student Assistance Program (SAP) is designed to assist school personnel, parents, and students in identifying issues including alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, and mental health issues which pose a barrier to a student’s success in grades 7 through 12.  The primary goal of SAP is to help those referred students overcome those barriers in order to achieve, remain, and advance in school.  The SAP Team is professionally trained and includes school staff (administration, counselors, nurse, and teachers) and a community agency liaison that is trained to access alcohol and drug/mental health services.  Any staff, student, family member, or member of the community may refer a student using the SAP Referral Form.

    Tutoring Services:
    Tutoring services are available through the National Honor Society during study period Monday through Thursday in Room 129.  Students or parents can request tutoring services by completing a Tutoring Referral Form.  The form should be signed by the teacher of the class in which the student needs help, and the form should then be returned to the Career Center.