• College Entrance Exams:
    It is recommended that college bound students take the ACT or SAT at least once or twice their junior year.  Students should contact their college of choice for specifics on what score and what test is recommended.  Fee waivers for the ACT and SAT are available for students that qualify from their counselor.  Please make sure when you register for these exams that you use Minersville Area High School’s CEEB Code (392690) to ensure the Guidance Office receives your scores so they can be placed on your transcript.  Students should also list the colleges they want to receive their scores.  **Please note, Penn State University will only accept SAT scores sent by the College Board.  If you are considering attending PSU please be sure to include them as a college to receive your scores. 

    www.act.org The ACT website contains dates, deadlines, locations, and registration information for ACT exams. It also contains information on the PLAN Test.      

    www.collegeboard.com The College Board website contains dates, deadlines, locations, and registration information for SAT exams.             It s also contains information on PSAT exams, Advanced Placement courses and exams, and career and college resources.

    College Visitations and Open Houses:

    All juniors and seniors are allowed up to 3 college visits per year.  It is recommended that a student visit a college before making any decisions.  College visits should be set up with the admission office at the student’s college of choice.   Most college websites have information on college visit days and/or college open house days.  Students should bring in a note from a parent the day before the visit, and a note from the college must be received the day they return from the visit.

    NCAA Clearinghouse and College Athletics:
    http://web1.ncaa.org/ECWR2/NCAA_EMS/NCAA.html Seniors with an interest in playing college athletics at the Division I or II level must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse via their website.  You must complete a transcript request form in the Guidance Office once your registration is complete.

    Transcript Requests:
    Any graduate or current student needing a transcript must fill out a trasscript request form and return it to Mrs. Hashin in the Career Center.  Please note, you need to request a transcript even if you apply online.  The guidance staff does not know that you applied online unless you request a transcript, and the staff also does not receive any emails or letters that you receive from colleges or scholarships.  All materials including letters of recommendation, activities list, essays, etc. need to be included with your request.