• Board of School Directors

    Board meetings are held in the Career & Counseling Center of the Minersville Area Junior-Senior High
    School at 7:00 PM the fourth Wednesday of each month. See dates for exceptions.

    The Minersville Area Board of Education at its meeting of December 4, 2019 set the following dates
    for Agenda and Regular meetings in the year 2020.

    Month Agenda Meeting  
    January 16 22  
    February 26 26 (beginning at 6:30PM)
    March 19 25  
    April 16 22  
    May 21 27  
    June 18 29  
    July 16 22  
    August 20 26  
    September 17 23 (beginning at 6:30PM)
    October 28 28 (beginning at 6:30PM)
    November 23(Monday) 23 (beginning at 6:30PM)
    December     2(Reorganization at 6:30 PM and Regular directlyafter)


    Ms. Angela M. DeMario  President
    Mr. Todd W. Rizzardi  Vice-President
    Mr. Kevin Wigoda  Secretary
    Mr. Albert D. Marazas  Treasurer
    Mr. Christopher G. Bentz  Member
    Dr. Cynthia L. Lubinsky  Member
    Mr. Michael Kroznuskie Member
    Mr. Keith Adams  Member
    Mr. Michael M. Mistishen  Member